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Maximize efficiency in your Slack workspace with Pilot's integration, featuring the innovative 'Ask' functionality. Seamlessly search and share knowledge base content, and engage with the Pilot app for Slack to ask and receive answers directly in Slack.

The Pilot App for Slack

Elevate your team's Slack experience with Pilot's dynamic app for Slack, featuring real-time knowledge base querying. This integration facilitates an active learning and sharing ecosystem in Slack, empowering your team with immediate access to the information they need for enhanced productivity and collaboration.

  • Find Search your Pilot knowledge base to find relevant documents and resources.
  • Share Share knowledge base answers with your team in conversations, channels, and messages.
  • Ask Use Pilot AI to ask questions of your knowledge base, directly in Slack.

How to get started

Sign up for a Pilot account (Pilot is in early access, and is currently free), and follow our guide: Install the Pilot App for Slack.

We also have the following resources available to help you make the most of our integration with Slack:

Using the Pilot App in Slack

Add the Pilot App to Slack Channels

Remove the Slack Integration from Pilot

Need assistance with installing or using our Slack integration?

For personalized support and guidance, please reach out to our dedicated support team via the methods outlined in our Getting Support article. Whether you have questions, encounter issues, or simply want to optimize your Slack integration experience, we're ready to assist you every step of the way.

Disclaimer: This app utilizes ChatGPT, a Large Language Model, to provide responses. While we strive for accuracy, please be aware that the information generated may occasionally be inaccurate or incomplete. We recommend verifying critical information independently.

FAQ’s about this Integration

Can anyone install the Pilot App for Slack?
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Only admins can set up and manage your Pilot Slack integration.

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