Pilot vs. Notion:
Why Companies Choose Pilot

Looking for a Notion alternative? With Pilot, you can rely on your existing knowledge in Google Drive and your other favourite apps. No need to migrate or recreate content.
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Pilot is the more efficient Notion replacement

Within 2 ½ minutes, Pilot transforms your Google Drive into a powerful, AI-enabled Team Wiki. On top of features like light-speed fast universal search, and playlists, quizzes, and badges to gamify knowledge, here’s everything you’ll gain when centralizing your information in a Pilot.

Speedy setup time
2 months
2 ½ minutes
Google Docs, Slides, Sheets live alongside your other content
Keep your current workflow with 1300+ integrations
Light-speed fast load times
Ask AI for internal knowledge
Real-time editor collaboration
Universal search across entire tech stack, directly on Slack
Create Playlists of curated resources
Gamify learning with AI quizzes and badges
Admin controls Private Workspaces and user permissions across all paid plans
Premium support with accelerated response times
Highly secure
Custom domain usage

Pilot AI

Experience the power of our intuitive AI-powered search, powered by Chat-GPT. Whether you're looking for specific code snippets or that one obscure documentation, our AI Assistant is here to help.

Streamline your workflow

Access vital information without leaving your Slack workspace.

Get instant answers

No need to interrupt your busy colleagues. Ping Pilot AI instead!

Search bar in Pilot querying taking time off. Pilot AI provides document suggestions for the user to refer to.
Collection of popular app logo icons with a search symbol in the centre of it all.

Universal Search

Effortlessly search across you entire knowledge base, spanning different apps and databases to retrieve the information you need, whenever you need it.

Connect 1300+ apps

Whether it's a wireframe design or an HR policy document, as long as the apps are connected, we will help you find it.

Personalized results

Our search algorithm learns from your interactions to deliver more accurate and relevant results over time.

Let Pilot help you create a culture of knowledge sharing in just 2 minutes.