Pilot vs. Guru:
Why Companies Choose Pilot

Looking for a Guru alternative? With Pilot, you can rely on your existing knowledge in Google Drive and your other favourite apps. No need to migrate or recreate content.
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Pilot is more fun and customizable than Guru

As an alternative to Guru, Pilot outshines with features like knowledge playlists, quizzes and badges, and custom domains.

Speedy setup time
1 month
2 ½ minutes
Keep your current workflow with 1300+ integrations
One button permissioning
Dedicated Customer Success Manager starting at mid-tier pricing plan
Create Playlists of curated resources
Gamify learning with AI quizzes and badges
Ask AI for internal knowledge
Light-speed fast universal search directly on Slack
Docs, notes, and templates
Real time editor collaboration
Custom domain usage

Onboarding & training Playlists

Craft personalized playlists of resources tailored to your team's needs. Our intuitive and interactive interface will make the learning experience all that more engaging.

Curate the team learning experience

Easily organize and share internal content in a dynamic and streamlined format.

Repeatable onboarding process

Onboarding new team members just got way easier.

Screenshot of an internal onboarding playlist with the cursor hovering over the "Begin Playlist" button
Long link gets turned into a custom domain

Custom domains

Unlike Guru, Pilot allows you to create custom domains for your wiki to align with your unique brand identity as well as improve accessibility.

Ensure cohesive branding

Facilitate easier recall and visits for your team, while reinforcing brand consistency.

Maintain control and security

Ensure data privacy and security with exclusive access to your custom domain.

Let Pilot help you create a culture of knowledge sharing in just 2 minutes.