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Transform Google Drive into a
scalable team knowledge base

We reinvented how your team will find, use and distribute knowledge.
All it takes is just 2 1/2 minutes to set up.

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Your team is spread out.
Your knowledge shouldn’t be.

Add intelligence on top of your Google Drive

Turn your existing Google Workspace files, docs, slides, and sheets into an Enterprise Wiki with knowledge management and distribution included.

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Find the right answer, faster

Save time with the right search results from your Workspace assets with our Algolia-based search.

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All of your knowledge integrated and in sync.

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Automate knowledge distribution with Playlists

Create Playlists for:

  • Talent onboarding
  • Self-guided learning
  • Change management
  • Employee training
  • Project status
  • Team intelligence

All you need is Workspace assets and external links.

Your imagination is the only limit.

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Pilot puts you in control of hybrid teams

Manage knowledge assets for hybrid teams across your company.

Create as many wikis, playlists and custom training assets as you need, and control who can access what.

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A wiki that’s a team player

Use a custom domain

Keep your new company wiki on-brand with a custom domain or subdomain.

Add external links

Add in links to any content not stored in Google Drive.

Light-speed fast in every way

From set-up to load times to search results, Pilot is for people that demand speed.

Your information is always secure

We know security is important to you. It’s important to us too.

We rely on Heroku Security to keep your assets safe.

And we’re Google Audited and Approved.

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Let Pilot help you create a culture of
knowledge sharing in 2 1/2 minutes.