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A better team wiki. Powered by Google Drive.

A curated wiki, onboarding platform and training tool rolled into one simple solution. It’s the employee handbook of the future.

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Your team is spread out. Your knowledge shouldn't be.

Built on Google Drive from the ground up

Developed with Google Auth and created exclusively for Google users, now you can instantly turn existing GD files, docs, slides, and sheets into up-to-date wikis — in real-time.

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Automated onboarding with Playlists

Wave goodbye to repetitive questions! Curate self-guided learning, change management info, employee training, or onboarding flows from a compilation of Google Drive docs, sheets, slides, and external links that provide your team with a single knowledge source.

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Find the right answer, faster

Google Drive can search every doc it contains, but it always provides a ton of unnecessary results. Our Algolia-based search dials into the answers you need, whether scattered throughout your docs or in knowledge items you’ve linked.

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User management designed for teams

Create as many wikis, playlists and custom training for all teams throughout your company and have control over who can access what.

Pilot user management

A wiki that's a team player

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Use a custom domain

Keep your new company wiki on-brand with a custom domain or subdomain.

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Include external links

Close the loop and link to any external content not stored in Google Drive. Links even appear in your wiki search results.

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Lightning-fast in every way

Everything from load times to search results and signup built to be as fast as possible.

Integrate with the tools you use

Our Zapier connection makes it possible to connect Pilot to the tools in your marketing stack while giving you powerful automation possibilities.

Cultivate a culture of knowledge sharing

Give your team the wiki they deserve in just 30 seconds.

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