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Transform Google Drive into a modern team knowledge base

Using AI we reinvented how your team will answer questions, learn skills and manage internal resources. All it takes is just 2 minutes to set up.

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Streamlining knowledge for innovators
and industry leaders, every day

Add intelligence to your Google Workspace instantly

Transform all your Google Workspace files, docs, slides, and sheets into an AI enabled Team Wiki and Learning Management System.

Sync all your knowledge in one place

Pilot integrates with 1800+ products giving you a single hub for all of your organization’s information that is always in sync.

AI answers based on internal knowledge

Use traditional or conversational search powered by Chat-GPT to quickly figure out how to do anything based on your linked files and knowledge.

Web search field with query, "How do I track my time?" with explanations below.

The perfect Slack AI companion

Let your team have a conversation with your company’s knowledge. Pilot can even suggest things automatically as it sees people who could use help.

Slack window showing Pilot integration.

Repeatable training and onboarding with badges.

Pilot lets you group specific files and documents into a playlist that can be used on repeat. Gamify your skills by adding badges that can be earned by passing a quiz.

Simplified access control

Quickly add and remove people from all of your files and workspaces with confidence. Simple permissions let you decide if a workspace will be limited or open to the public.

Create a culture of knowledge sharing

Use a custom domain
Keep your new company wiki on-brand with a custom domain or subdomain.
Add external links
Add in links to any content not stored in Google Drive.
Light-speed fast
From set-up to load times to search results, Pilot is optimized for speed.

Security isn't an add-on.
It's our foundation

We leverage Heroku Security's industry leading infrastructure to ensure the highest level of safety for your assets.

Frequently asked questions

What type of companies does Redstamp best serve?

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We have purpose built our services and processes to serve SaaS and high-growth tech companies that range from early-stage startups to established enterprise leaders. Our east-to-west distribution makes us uniquely able to serve companies across the globe with current clients headquarters ranging from Switzerland to Silicon Valley.

What are the different ways in which companies can engage you?

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We provide a range of flexible and competitive engagement models that align with SaaS companies preferred modes of operation. Common engagement models Redstamp offers include one-off time-and-materials projects, fixed-fee projects, and on-going retainer engagements from six months up. 

What’s the makeup of Redstamp’s staff? Where is your team located?

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While we are headquartered in the tech hub of Vancouver BC, 20% of our team is globally distributed and works fully remote, speaking 10 languages and representing cultural backgrounds from Asia, Europe, South and North America. We’re also proud to have over 60% of our staff identify as female. 

Our expertise is equally diverse – covering marketing and brand strategy, website design and development, UX/UI strategy and design, project management, copywriting, animation and much more.  

What makes Redstamp different from the thousands of other creative marketing agencies out there?

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With over 40 years of collective experience in the high-growth tech market, SaaS is in our DNA (we’re even in the process of developing our own SaaS product). This specialized expertise makes us uniquely fluent in the processes, tactics, and objectives that drive growth and support the cross-functional goals that tech CMO’s are frequently responsible for. Our team of tech veterans, are seasoned enough to identify rapid opportunities, agile enough to output quick but intelligent work, and strategic enough to leverage the results of the quick work into long term success – all for a fraction of the price of an in-house team. 

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14-day free trial.
No credit card needed.

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