Pilot vs. Start.me:
Why Companies Choose Pilot

Looking for an alternative for Start.me? With Pilot, you can seamlessly transform your bookmarks into an AI-powered team wiki without ever leaving the page.
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Get so much more than bookmarking with Pilot.

Pilot’s powerful integration capabilities allow you to effortlessly combine bookmarks with Google Drive content. Empower your team to easily find vital team information - all in one place.

Built for Google Workspace teams
Google Workspace ecosystem extension
Must manually import Google Drive documents
Automatically converts into knowledge base
One-click access and permissions
Keep our current workflow with 1300+ integrations
Private/public wikis
Universal search
Ask AI
Playlists of curated resources
Gamify learning with AI quizzes and badges
Page collaboration
Custom domain

Seamless content expansion

Pilot takes bookmarking to the next level by driving knowledge and content expansion with the click of a button.

One source of truth 

Create bookmarks for any integrated app. All your resources are in one place - easily accessible and organized for your team.

Tailored for Google Workspace teams

Pilot was designed to ensure minimal learning curve - empowering intuitive collaboration with easy one-click permissions.

List of different types of files from different apps
Searching how to take time off in the search bar and Pilot AI provides resource suggestions

AI-powered Universal Search

Can’t find that one bookmark? Our AI assistant is here to help. Use traditional or conversational search to effortlessly comb through your entire database.

Get instant answers

No need to interrupt your busy colleagues. Ping Pilot AI instead!

Personalized results

Our search algorithm learns from your interactions to deliver more accurate and relevant results over time.

Let Pilot help you create a culture of knowledge sharing in just 2 minutes.